Next Step

Now that you have built your own Continuous Testing Pipeline, there are multiple ways in which you can explore the infinite possibilities in Testing that the DevOps world offers.

  • Integrate your pipeline with Slack channel to trigger and monitor the execution from Slack interface rather than Cloud9 (or) AWS console
  • Replace (or) append the tooling stack by creating your own automation test with new tools and frameworks
  • Implement Code progression in the pipelines to demonstrate how code base moves form Dev to Production based on the quality gates at every stage
  • Execute your mobile testing on AWS Device Farm
  • Add additional testing types such as integration testing and UAT before releasing the code to production
  • Integrate AI based BOTS for intelligent test execution based on the code committed and possible business impact.
  • Re-orchestrate your pipeline by shifting left the non-functional testing i.e. execute the experience assurance at the Pre-Build stage itself

To leverage these learnings in your own work, we encourage you to start by creating a prototype in your project.