Build & Execute


Please complete the Module 2: Post-Build QA before commencing with this module. This will ensure you have deployed the build on the server successfully before executing the Functional test suits during this module.

Execute the cloud formation template from Cloud9 to automatically create the Functional Assurance pipeline.

aws cloudformation  create-stack --stack-name FunctionalAssurance --template-url --capabilities CAPABILITY_NAMED_IAM

Go to the CloudFormation console and check the status of your pipeline stack creation named ‘FunctionalAssurance’. It should state - “CREATE_IN_PROGRESS”

This step takes approximately 1 minute and if successful, you can see the status of STACK - ‘FunctionalAssurance’ as
“CREATE_COMPLETE” , as shown in the screenshot below:

Functional Assurance

On successful creation of the pipeline, the CFN will auto trigger the execution. You can now view the execution progress by navigating to CodePipeline and selecting - codepipeline_Functional_Assurance.


You will notice that the Pipeline fails at the UI_Test and RWD_Test.

Pipelines Functional Assurance

Let us debug, fix the issue and re-execute the pipeline.