Well Done! With your help we have successfully demonstrated to Mythical Mysfits team, how to orchestrate their Testing in DevOps and enable earlier defect detection and higher-quality deployments.

You have successfully completed the “Test Automation in DevOps” workshop, embracing quality assurance across the lifecycle.

We have accomplished

In this workshop, we have built, fixed and executed the Continuous Testing pipeline. Along with this hands-on implementation, you now also have a high-level understanding on testing in DevOps, including various testing stages, their objectives, challenges, enablers and some industry best practices.

As committed in the ‘In-Store for Practitioners’ section, we have discussed the answers to the following questions in this workshop :

  • Why QA is integral to a successful DevOps implementation
  • How testing for DevOps is different than traditional testing
  • What various types and stages of testing are essential for end-to-end quality assurance
  • How to build and execute the continuous testing pipeline
  • What are the various tooling alternatives, enablers and best practices in testing for DevOps
  • How to integrate open-source tools based automation suits with the pipeline
  • How to fix typical issues and fix your continuous testing pipeline