The Premise

Mythical Mysfits (MM) is an e-commerce giant offering online shopping across a wide array of products. It services global customers via an omni-channel portal.

Problem Statement - MM intends to speed up their time to market with frequent releases to production.They have implemented a development pipeline, however their testing still follows a traditional waterfall approach, leading to issues such as:

  • Increasing efforts spent on testing and re-testing the code changes
  • Defects detected late in testing, costing significant effort, time and resources
  • Siloed automation due to a hybrid tooling landscape
  • Prolonged testing cycles impacting the overall speed of delivery to production
  • Too many production incidents
  • Poor user feedbacks

The Assignment - MM has commissioned Cognizant Consultants to help them modernize their testing practices. Cognizant will enable earlier defect detection and higher-quality deployments by embedding continuous testing in CI/CD pipelines. MM has individual automation suites that Cognizant will orchestrate in the continuous testing pipeline to demonstrate how to deliver Quality at Speed.

Application Under Test - Mythical Mysfits E-Shop is a responsive web application used by end-customers for online shopping. The current application is compatible with both desktop and mobile platforms and covers basic shopping workflows.

Key Features - - Registration  - Login  - Product Search  - Add to Bag
- Enter Delivery Details  - Checkout  - Payment 

Application Architecture -

Sample Applicaiton Diagram

Solution Overview -

In this workshop, we will build and execute the continuous testing pipeline for the E-Shop Application by leveraging AWS services and open source automation tools, as shown below:

System Architect