Build & Execute


To deploy the pipeline, run the following commands in Cloud9’s terminal:

aws cloudformation  create-stack --stack-name PostBuildQA --template-url --capabilities CAPABILITY_NAMED_IAM

Go to the CloudFormation console and check the status of your pipeline stack creation named ‘PostBuildQA’. It should state - “CREATE_IN_PROGRESS” .

This step takes approximately 1 minute and if successful, you can see the status of STACK - ‘PostBuildQA’ as “CREATE_COMPLETE” , as shown in the screenshot below:

At this point, you should have automatically triggered, a fully functioning Post-Build-QA CodePipeline.

If you head over to CodePipeline in the AWS console and click on the pipeline that begins with the name workshop_codepipeline_PostBuildQA, you should see the screen as shown below:

On successful execution of the pipeline you should have the working instance of your Application in the test environment. To access the application, replace the value of key ‘AppServer_PublicIP’ which you have noted from the secrets (Secrets Manager) section, of the Getting Started section in below URL

  • Application Under Test URL is - http://< AppServer_PublicIP >:3000

This application (refer the screenshot as shown below) has now been deployed, smoke tested and ready for functional assurance.

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