Key Tenets of Testing in DevOps

Testing in DevOps is fundamentally different from traditional legacy testing approaches. For a DevOps program to succeed, testing needs to be:

  • Collaborative: Dev, Test and Ops works together as one team to ensure a robust application is built correctly the first time, with quality becoming a shared responsibility across the organization. Automation drives QA and expects enhanced skills and mindset change.
  • Continuous: Testing is executed automatically and continuously throughout the DevOps lifecycle. Automated test scripts are integrated at every stage to engineer quality into the code as it progresses through quality gates.
  • Cognitive: By leveraging artificial intelligence/machine learning, testing can be more proactive than reactive e.g.- predicts defects and required tests based on the actual code changes, thereby optimizing testing efforts and velocity
  • Cloud-Ready: Today cloud brings in agility and scalability to the testing pipelines with on-demand test infrastructures. Going forward, testing for DevOps would become cloud-native, orchestrated on cloud platforms via on-demand tools and resources.

As you start your DevOps journey, Cognizant can help you embrace an automation-first approach for testing and orchestrate quality through the lifecycle.

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