In-store for Practitioners

To introduce you to the world of testing in DevOps, we have planned hands-on exercises and induced real time problems, that we will de-bug and fix together in this workshop.

  • Why QA is integral to a successful DevOps implementation
  • How testing in DevOps is different than traditional testing
  • What types and stages of testing are essential for end-to-end quality assurance
  • How to build and execute the continuous testing pipeline
  • What are the various tooling alternatives, enablers and best practices in testing for DevOps
  • How to integrate open source tool-based automation suites in the pipeline
  • How to debug typical issues and fix your continuous testing pipeline

Let us get the jargons out of the way in Software Testing

We would like to throw some light on a few common jargons in Software Testing that have been extensively used in this workshop.

Software Testing, as a practice, has evolved significantly over the decades into modern day Quality Engineering and Assurance (QE&A). Today QE&A goes beyond defect detection, it focuses on engineering quality by driving quality across the lifecycle, helping enterprises get first time right. Seen as a critical practice in agile and DevOps, QE&A continues to evolve as clients accelerate their pivot to digital.

For such a dynamic practice, almost inevitably, Testing has numerous interpretations and perceptions in the industry. And it reflects nowhere more than the plethora of terms, often used interchangeably, to address Testing depending on the context. While the purists will and should continue to argue the subtle differences and nuances in the jargons, let us agree on some broad understanding of these terms as we will be using them extensively throughout this workshop.

– Quality engineering (QE) is the overarching discipline of software engineering concerned with the principles and practice of quality assurance and control. In the software development, it is the about management, development, operation and maintenance of IT systems and enterprise architectures with high quality standards.

– Quality assurance (QA) is about focusing on the processes that manages and creates the specific deliverables (product or services) with a desired level of quality across every stage development life cycle.

– Testing is an integral part of QA that demonstrates that the product runs the way it is expected and finds the gaps (bugs/defects) when it doesn’t.

– Continuous Testing (CT) is the process of executing automated tests as part of the CI/CD pipeline to obtain rapid feedback on the software changes. Continuous Testing is a DevOps aligned practice that enables testing early and testing often with higher levels of automation.

At Cognizant, Quality Engineering & Assurance (QE&A) takes an end-to-end, ecosystem-based approach for Continuous Testing in DevOps. We use our intelligent and automated QA practices to engineer quality across the lifecycle drive quality at speed. Our unique Continuous Testing approach assures business agility, superior quality and success in digital for our clients.