The Structure

  • Scope: In this workshop, we will focus on the execution stage of the testing and not the complete testing life cycle. And since there is no one right way to test, we have made few broad assumptions while defining the testing approach, pipeline orchestration and tool selections for this workshop.

  • Modular Structure: This workshop constitutes of five modules that explain a continuous testing pipeline in a chronological sequence. Each module provides an overview, relevant concepts and practices, before getting into the pipeline execution. In order to get the best out this workshop, we recommend you to follow the sequence and build your pipeline in progression.

  • Solve and Learn: We have induced few defects in the application code and test assets, so that you can debug and fix them to gain a more practical insight into this workshop.

  • Meet Tikk!: The over-enthusiastic, effervescent and self-confessed testing geek –Tikk, is your assistant for this workshop. Watch out for ‘Tikk Talk’ section in every module where Tikk shares interesting bits like alternative approaches, practitioner tips, best practices, industry trends and some trivia as well.