As discussed in this module, Post-Build Quality Assurance includes a round of detailed build hardening and build verification testing, before the build is deployed. The build deployment is followed by a quick round Configuration and Smoke testing, to get a rapid feedback on the readiness of that build, for elaborate testing cycles in terms of its availability and accessibility.  

The idea is to raise quick alarms with the development (or) environment teams in case of any showstoppers for testing (or) to give a green signal to QA teams to proceed with subsequent test executions. This practice potentially saves significant effort waste that testing teams otherwise would have spent on the poor-quality builds and deployments, just to re-execute them again with a new build.

Additionally, this is also the stage where test data is provisioned into the test environment. Along with the environment stability, test data is another critical factor for successful test execution with higher pass rate and minimal false negatives.

Well done! You have successfully fixed the error and executed your Post Build Quality Assurance pipeline.

You are good to go ahead with the next module of this workshop.