Debug & Fix


To debug the issue, from the AWSCodeBuild you can go to CodeBuild section –> Report History and click on the latest failed link under Test Reports History.

You can then view the below report. Click on the failed test case to see the reason for failure.

AWS workshop Unit Test

Alternatively, please switch to your Reporting Dashboard and go to the section UnitTest to view the summary of this stage. Click on the component to view detailed test report to spot where the test failed. (This will link you to the above report)

Let’s understand the nature of the failure.

What is the failure?

One of the unit tests named ‘Register - Last name should be present’ has failed because the ID of the UI object is incorrect while the unit test was written.

Instead of ‘lastName’, the developer has updated it to lastName1.

AWS CodeBuild Logs Register Test

How to fix it?

Go to “AWS CodeCommit’ and navigate to below path:

awswrkshp-aut-frontend -> test -> applicationcomponents -> testscripts -> unit_tests -> containers and look for the file Register.test.js. This file has unit tests related to ‘registration’.

To fix this issue, go to line number 55 and change ‘lastName1’ to ‘lastName’. Refer the screenshot as shown below: How to Fix

Great, you have now debugged and fixed the issue.

Provide required details such as author name, email address and commit message (change description) and click ‘commit changes’. Edit a File

Edit a File

The Commit Change to the Register.test.js file will trigger the pipeline automatically and this time, it will execute without errors. Refer the screenshot as shown below for ‘succeeded’ status updated against each stage.

Register Test

With the successful execution of the pipeline, you should have a working instance of your application under test, deployed in ECS.

To access the application, replace the value of key ‘ApplicationFrontEndURL_DevEnv‘, which you have noted from the secrets (Secrets Manager) section, of the Getting Started section in below URL:

  • Application Under Test URL is - http://< ApplicationFrontEndURL_DevEnv>:3000

Register Test