Build & Execute


To deploy the pipeline, run the following commands in Cloud9’s terminal

aws cloudformation  create-stack --stack-name E2EAssurance --template-url --capabilities CAPABILITY_NAMED_IAM

Go to the CloudFormation console and check the status of your pipeline stack creation named ‘E2EAssurance’. It should state - “CREATE_IN_PROGRESS”

This step takes approximately 1 minute and if successful, you can see the status of STACK - ‘E2EAssurance’ as “CREATE_COMPLETE” as shown in the screenshot below:


At this point, you should have automatically triggered a fully functioning End-to-End-QA CodePipeline.

Head over CodePipeline the AWS console and click on the pipeline that begins with the name workshop- workshopcodepipelineE2E, you will see the screen as shown below: 


Click on the pipeline and you will see the complete End-to-End (E2E) Assurance Pipeline.


As a result, of the complete pipeline being executed successfully, you should have the working instance of you Application under Test deployed in EC2 instance.

To access the application, replace the value of key ‘AppServer_PublicIP ‘ which you have noted from the secrets (Secrets Manager) section of Getting Started section in below URL:

  • Application Under Test URL is - http://< AppServer_PublicIP >:3000